Weavering Warriors are in a desperate bid to save their club’s expansive future.


The Kent based club, founded in 2003 with no ground, are urging Maidstone Borough Council to halt plans for a new community hub which will reduce the facilities available to the Warriors, and other clubs using the current structure.

“For me, the club embodies everything a rugby should be,” says Dan Mason, the Chairman of the Warriors. “It provides discipline, teamwork, friendship, camaraderie and most importantly, everyone at the club shares a common respect for each other.

“I work from home so the club is my ‘out’ and from both a playing, fitness and social aspect it’s where I can go to escape! It means the world to me”

In 2019, the Pavillion building was taken on by the Warriors after the Royal British Legion chose to leave the facility.

Pre-COVID, over 300 members of the local community used the Pavilion each week, which is shared with Invicta Panthers Rugby League Club and the Park Wood Branch of the Junior Park Run.

Mason continues: “If the club is levelled and we aren’t suitably rehoused in the new community hub with at least the same facilities as we have now, I believe the club will not continue to thrive and grow in the way it has done in the last few years.”

The new building proposal, approved by Maidstone Borough Council, would see the club house demolished for a housing project and a nearby facility demolished to make way for a community hub.

However, the Warriors deem the new hub unfit for the needs of the club, who have expanded rapidly in recent years.

“The chances of us being able to integrate our own junior section are slim and with no home to call our own, I believe we may lose players because of it,” Mason said. Such hard work has been done by so many people and it would be such a waste of that hard work.”

The petition is close to reaching its initial target and the key community club would appreciate anybody’s support!

Please visit – https://www.change.org/p/maidstone-borough-council-save-weavering-warriors-club-house

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