Tom Varndell remains Premiership Rugby’s all time leading try scorer with 91 tries. He has played for major clubs his whole career like Leicester Tigers and Wasps. In August, he will make his debut in the Rugby Against Cancer shirt in a charity match taking place in Portsmouth.

Tom spoke to us about his career and looking forward to playing in the Rugby Against Cancer match on Saturday 3rd August in Portsmouth.



Fill Your Boots – You have had a brilliant career, scoring tries for fun. What have been some of your fondest memories?

Tom Varndell – I think the try I scored on my England Debut has to be my favourite.


FYB – You had a stint playing in China in the Global Rapid Rugby series recently. How was that experience?

TV – It was a fantastic experience. Being able to travel and play all over the world is amazing. Seeing how other countries do it and experiencing different cultures and meeting new people if great. It was very different to the UK but so enjoyable.


FYB – Who were your earliest Rugby heroes?

TV – Jonah Lomu, was my idol. He changed the face of rugby in the 1995 World Cup. He was the player that really made me want to pursue a career in rugby.

Rugby Against Cancer


FYB – What were your best memories of playing Rugby while growing up?

TV – Rugby was the first team sport I ever really played as youngster it was great being apart of a team, building friendships and winning things. For my parents it was the only thing they could use against me if I misbehaved. As soon as they said no rugby on Sunday I would bounce straight back into doing as I was told. The memories are mainly of the friendships I formed from the age of 10 onwards, nothing beats winning with your mates.


FYB – You are playing in the next Rugby Against Cancer match on Saturday 3rd August in Portsmouth. What inspired you to take part in the match?

TV – Everything this game stands for is important, so many people are effected by cancer. It’s important to get involved, create awareness and raise money for something which everyone everywhere is effected by.


FYB – You currently have the Premiership try scoring record of 92, 10 ahead of Chris Ashton, do you think we will see your record broken this season?

TV – I hope not!! But with the way the game is opening up and the number of tries that are scored it is possible.


FYB – Who are the players you’ve seen we should be keeping an eye on for the future?

TV – Players to watch, definitely Alex Lowzoski he’s getting better and better. Marcus Smith is incredible and could even make the World Cup, and Calum Sheedy of bristol who has recently been involved in the England vs Baabaas game this year. He has been brilliant for the bristol Bears.


Tom Varndell will be taking to the field for the Rugby Against Cancer XV taking on the Sid Street Select XV for The Steve Drury Trophy on Saturday 3rd August in Portsmouth. For more information, please visit – or


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