Hi all Meg here. I never really know how to start these blogs when I’m talking about myself and what I’m doing *cringe. But here I am so let’s get chatting!

So I’m Meg, I’m 19 and I am a huge rugby fan, I say huge I’m about 5’5 but my Dad says the noise I make really makes up for that. I’m a Harlequins and England fan and fell in love with rugby many years ago (thankfully). It’s one of the things that I enjoy most about life. Rugby became very important to me when I myself started to go through quite a difficult time in my life.

I was about 14 and things started to become a struggle. It all started in school, I was becoming very anxious, distressed and panicky. Panic attack’s which involved hysterically sobbing became a more regular occurrence than I would like. I became a shadow of my former self, an anxious, irritable young girl who left school at the age of 15. I had time at home and began home tuition which at first I hated. Suffering with anxiety but also social anxiety makes life very difficult. The way I explain it to people is wanting to be invited to things but making every excuse not to go when asked. Soul destroying. However this lead to me entering a school for young people with mental health issues. Despite the troubles that I faced I graduated with all of my GCSE’s.

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I now at 19 have a full time job and am in a much better place. However I still face my struggles and so that’s when after leaving school I decided to start Rugby talks. A social media platform where I promote and try my best to support people suffering with mental health issues. I also raise money for Young Minds UK, a mental health awareness charity who are honestly real life super hero’s. We have up to this point raised over £10,000. I do this by auctioning off signed rugby kit. We have so far had signed rugby shirts, even an England signed shirt that Joe Marler very kindly donated. We have been very lucky so far and all the support is appreciated. My next challenge is to raise £20,000 and to make rugby talks even bigger and better than ever.

I want to stop the stigma and to help make a change.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support. It means more than you know.

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Megan Stevens – Follow Rugby Talks on Twitter – @Rugbytalks1

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