Rugby Against Cancer started this year, when Aaron Beesley decided to call upon the support of the Rugby community to raise funds and awareness for cancer charities. Their first event in August was a huge success and now Aaron is with us to discuss whats next, including details of the next event, a Pirate Fun Day with 4 huge Rugby matches on Good Friday.

Fill Your Boots – How did the idea of Rugby Against Cancer come about?

Aaron Beesley – So the idea came about after hearing about a few local rugby players who had been affected by cancer and then I lost a couple of friends to Cancer earlier in 2018. I began to realise that I personally know 5 people who have/had Cancer that are involved in my local clubs and I’ve seen how it has affected these people and those who know them, not only do I know these guys I I’ve also had very close family and friends who have had Cancer and I have seen first hand the effect that this awful cancer has on them and also their family and friends. So I decided to Call on the awesome rugby community to help raise awareness and funds for different Cancer charities so I then Launched Rugby Against Cancer.

FYB – Who are the people that have helped you get this far?

AB – So I have bought in an awesome team to help make this a success, Graham Street, Joby Walsh, John Brookes, Al Dyer, Zac Eyley with out these guys we wouldn’t be in this position and I am buzzing to continue to work with them. The guys at FYB have been awesome in helping us promote the idea.  Our sponsors BLK, Clare Shaw, LSR Therapies, Backyard Chicken Club and Laker Goodwin have been awesome and very generous. But most importantly everyone that is supporting the idea and the players who have donned the shirt to help beat the big C.

FYBWhy do you think Rugby is the perfect vehicle to raise money or awareness?

AB – The rugby community is unreal, they are one of a kind. I know first hand that the rugby family really steps up and looks after their own. The rugby world really stepped up and came together for Adam Long who had to raise £100,000 for Immunotherapy this was raised within 4 weeks. Which proves how generous and supportive this special family is.


FYB –  What can people expect at the Pirate Fun Day?

AB – A really awesome feel good family funday. We have love music being played from local artists, kids activities/entertainment, 4 exciting games of rugby, professional players mingling with the supporters and a big after party. And some pretty top auction and raffle prizes.


FYB – What is the future for Rugby Against Cancer?

AB – So we have an exciting 2019 summer planned. We will be attending several 7’s/9’s/10’s tournaments to really get the idea out in the public eye. We have a team entered at the London Counties Vets tournament at Esher, Frome 7’s, LND 9’s. We will also be taking on the Trek 2 Twickers to raise funds for Prostate Cancer. We also have our Annual Big Family Funday on 3rd August down in Southaea. As well as all that we have now taken over the Southsea 10’a tournament to be held at Portsmouth RFC on August 10th.


FYB – How can people get involved with Rugby Against Cancer?

AB – Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @cancerrugby we want to help and support other charities and if there is a club out there that wants us to support them with raising funds for a Cancer charity close to the club then get in touch.

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