To coincide with the Rugby World Cup that is coming to Japan in September 2019, the second ever World University Rugby Cup (renamed to World University Rugby Invitational Tournament) will be hosted by Waseda University.

Starting just before the beginning of the Rugby World Cup on September 16th 2019 to September 23rd 2019, the WURIT 2019 looks to bring 9 teams from universities all over the world together and give the students an opportunity to test out their abilities! The main ideals behind this tournament is to allow for the players to interact with students from other countries, allowing them to become more global as well as being able to remind the players the true merits and strengths of Rugby.


The teams that are participating are:

Waseda University – Waseda University Rugby Football Club (Japan)

Oxford University – Oxford University RFC(England)

University of Cape Town – UCT Ikey Tigers (South Africa) (previous Champions)

University of British Columbia – UBC Thunderbirds (Canada)

Siberian Federal University

New Zealand University – New Zealand Universities Rugby Football Inc (Collective Team)

The University of Sydney – Sydney University Football Club (Australia) (first time participants)

University of Bordeaux (France) (first time participants)


One of the ways the committee behind the WURIT 2019 is looking to raise funds is through crowdfunding. Currently they are at 95% of their goal with 30 days left. The committee is looking to prepare a second goal for when the first goal is reached. The main aim of the campaign is to raise money to create two big events during the tournament, one is an event for the players to interact with the local children allowing for these children to learn about rugby and other cultures. The other is to raise money to create for an after match function for the players so that when all the matches are done, they can come together and help them develop to become a more global person.

Currently there is an official website for the tournament where you can find updates as the tournament gets closer. This official site is hosting a variety of video interviews and messages from the players and will host fixture announcements and results. As well as this news and media introductions are also available. Finally you can find a background to the tournament such as the story of Katsuhiko Oku, a Japanese Diplomat that was a rugby player for two of the participating teams that was killed in Iraq in 2003.


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