Here’s the deal…

The Lions Sports Academy team have put their heads together with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the business to provide you with a home training routine that gives your child the performance edge to show progress and not just maintain fitness.

We feel for you. You, the parent, at home who is trying to juggle home schooling, conference calls and staying on top of yours and your children’s fitness!…

At the beginning of every week, you are trying to find ways to keep your son or daughter active so that when they go back to the start of the rugby season they will hit the ground running!

“How do I make this easier?” We hear you.

Put it this way, what if you didn’t keep on top of your child’s strength and fitness? This could result in being injured in the first few weeks back to the sports season, meaning more time spent inside when all their friends are finally out playing sport. Or your child could turn up to the first day of the new season not able to keep up with the rest of the team, meaning that they lose their desired position to the player who was staying fit. Say, completing our online training?

Well, here’s how we can help.

Our expert coaches will provide monthly training programmes to make sure your child is at their peak performance at the beginning of the season, helping to give them that edge and reduce the chances of injury.

Not only that,

With our competitive Lions Leaderboard, we report on the development of your child. The more they improve week on week the higher up the leaderboard they will be! This will help to keep them motivated and on the right track to reach their performance goals.

As well as that,

We run weekly group fitness sessions on Wednesday’s 6-7pm to bring back that teamwork element that is hard to replace outside the competitive sports season!

Best of all,

You can try all of this out for the first month FREE. And after you sign up, if you do not see results or are ever not happy with our support, you can get a full refund plus an extra month paid to you for wasting your time.

Why suffer with problems when you can quickly and easily sign up to Foundation Strength Online FREE today and make sure you give your child the sports support they deserve?

…You’re probably thinking to yourself, “All this sounds great but where’s the proof?” Here’s what one of our clients wrote…

“Nick absolutely loved it! He is grinning from ear to ear! He said it was great fun, and can’t single any bit out because it was all awesome. High praise indeed!” (Jeremy Reed, Parent)

This type of result is achievable for you. I know you’ve aspiring young sports stars at home. And I know you’d like them to grow their skills to achieve their goals. We can help.

You can get a FREE 4 week trial and remember, you get training programmes from expert coaches, a competitive leader board where you can win prizes and weekly fitness sessions all for £15 per month (once the trial has ended)! And with our money back GUARANTEE plus an extra month from us if you are not happy, there is no reason not to sign up.

Link to sign up – Click Here

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