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Team Athena are a Rugby 7s team for inspiring women made up of serving & veteran doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers, fire fighters, healthcare professionals, search & rescue, soldiers, sailors & airwomen from across the globe.


Rugby and our heroines are synonymous. The values of team work, physical fitness, determination and courage go hand in hand. Our players epitomise teamwork, determination, respect, integrity and inspiration in their daily lives.

Our player base is achieved from societies everyday unsung heroines who put others before themselves, from Women who have fought on the frontline of warzones to the frontline of healthcare battling to save lives.


We aim to be a fully inclusive club, not just focussing on the Elite level, but offering the opportunity for those new to rugby and those who want to turn up, through a ball around and have some fun, as the enjoyment off the field is just as important on it to us!

Our aim is to have Team Athena athletes representing in multiple sports, running out onto sports pitches celebrating our heroines across the globe. An example of which will be aiming to get a Team Athena Netball team out in some of the many tournaments running alongside Rugby 7s tournaments, and we have already started the ball running for that in 2021!

If you are currently or were previously a female involved in the Emergency Services, Armed Forces, Healthcare, Border Force, First Responders, Search & Rescue etc – New to rugby or a seasoned pro – we want to hear from you!

Send us an email to with your details and let us know you are interested and we will start the ball rolling on welcoming you to Team Athena 7s.


Team Athena 7s & Covid-19

We originally looked into Crowdfunding with the hope to raise enough money in order to cover costs for entry to tournaments, subsidise travel & accommodation for our heroines and kit & equipment etc and support our charities.

In a time when many people are being forced to stay in safety, some of our members are those that will be fighting on the frontline of this horrendous virus, and will be looking forward to some time on a rugby field to relax when things slow down, and we couldn’t sit back and do nothing, so Rugby & Sport can sit in the background for the moment and we will rely on a generous sponsor out there (get in touch!) So we have taken the step in the current climate to raise much needed money for our HEROIC Frontline workers.

We want to raise funds to support our frontline SUPERHERO Heroines & Heroes now and in the future – We will use funds to deliver Gifts from goods, days out, experience days, treat them to something special, food, help with transport, help their families; basically anything we can do to show appreciation and make these incredible SUPERHEROES lives easier. We will also be sending out our awesome TEAM ATHENA Sports Bras to frontline workers to offer a bit of extra support! Again the more we raise the more we can send out!

When this horrendous virus is dealt with we will use any funds left over to continue to support Superheroes and our Heroines with some much needed relaxation and support charities that help them in the long run. We aim to purchase experience days, concert & event tickets and hopefully buy as many of them as possible a few drinks at a tournament or two, to show how appreciated these Superheroes are by the public and carry on showing our support for everyday Heroines & Heroes.

For more information, please visit –

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