Rugby Against Cancer all began whilst at work last year whilst I was meant to be working hard.

I scribbled a few ideas down on a post it note I kept looking at it I then through it in the bin, a week later I repeated the process and this happened for about 6 weeks. I then let the idea go and didn’t think about it for a bout 3-4 months.

‚ÄčI was sat in a the pub after a game and overheard someone discussing a friend who had cancer and then I thought about my idea again and then kept thinking about a few ideas, again the idea went quiet. I then found out that a gentleman who looked after me when I was growing up had Leukaemia and was struggling to beat it, then a legend of rugby in Hampshire became very ill with the dreaded C.

Unfortunately they both lost their battle with cancer.

I began to realise that I personally know 5 people who have/had Cancer that are involved in my local clubs and I’ve seen how it has affected these people and those who know them, not only do I know these guys I I’ve also had very close family and friends who have had Cancer and I have seen first hand the effect that this awful cancer has on them and also their family and friends.

After realising that I have been affected by cancer through others and that I know a heck of a lot of people who have also been affected I wanted to find away of using the beautiful game (not football) and the truly amazing rugby family and community and then RUGBY AGAINST CANCER was born.

The idea was to put a mini barbarian team together and play a local club with a hope of playing rugby, having a few beers and raising a couple of quid for charity, but it has boomed.

We have our first event being held on the 4th of August in Portsmouth to raise awareness and fund for three awesome charities Teenage Cancer Trust/ Children With Cancer and Bowel Cancer UK.

It will be a big family fun day including a BBQ/BAR/Bouncy Castle/Fair Ground stalls and more.

We have had a lot of interest in this event as we will have at least 10 players who have beaten cancer and are playing again, we also have 3 ex Barbarians playing and potentially a few big stars.

The plan moving forward is to host events at different grounds and raise funds for the local charities.

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