Although the world of sport still centres largely around men’s games, women’s sport is becoming more and more popular as the years go on. Women’s sport is now streamed on many TV channels, and is watched in pubs, sports halls and in people’s homes. Women’s rugby in particular is soaring in popularity; according to the Telegraph, 30,000 women and girls play rugby regularly at a club, which is twice as many as in 2014. This just goes to show how sport is, slowly but surely, equalising for women. Although there is a long way to go before women’s sports receive the funding, popularity and media attention that men’s sports get, it’s safe to say that women’s rugby is leading the charge for gender equality in sport.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sports are being played thanks to rigorous COVID-19 testing, empty stadiums and teams quarantining. Rugby teams are taking these rules highly seriously – just last week, Scottish winger Sean Maitland was dropped from the squad after ignoring COVID-19 protocols, according to the BBC. This just goes to show the lengths sports organisers are willing to go to in order for play to continue during these uncertain times.

But back to women’s rugby. This last weekend, the Six Nations rugby tournament, comprising Wales, Scotland, England, France, Italy and Ireland was played – in both women’s and men’s rugby. England reigned champion in the men’s division, their first Six Nations win since 2017. For the women’s Six Nations, however, England went one better; beating Italy 54-0 in Parma, England won their second grand slam Six Nations title in two years. This phenomenal win was captained by Emily Scarratt and coached by former England rugby player Simon Middleton, forming a formidable leadership in taking England all the way to grand slam success twice in a row. What a phenomenal achievement for the England team, and further success for women’s rugby in this country.

After the news broke that England’s Red Roses had won their second grand slam title in two years, Rugby legend Rocky Clark MBE wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations @EnglandRugby women’s team, grand slam back to back champs. Decent performance considering 7 months since playing. Well done to all #England #GrandslamChamps #Sixnations.” Women’s rugby is clearly making its mark across all divisions of sport, surpassing all expectations and making its mark on the world of sport at large.

Where Can I Find The Latest On Women’s Rugby?

Thanks to the increasing popularity of women’s rugby, you can now find reports from major leagues on most news channel sites such as BBC Sport. In addition, you can visit specific sites which are dedicated to reporting women’s sports news, such as Here, you’ll find updates on all women’s sports throughout the UK.

In addition, you can follow @Womens6Nations on Twitter, @EnglandRugby for both women’s and men’s rugby updates, and make sure to subscribe to Women’s Six Nations on Youtube for the best highlights of every game.

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