Whilst this is not the norm for FYB, when someone is very kind enough to send you something to review, the least I can do is have a go! I have never written anything about fashion, nor do I know much about it, however the kind folks at Raging Bull asked me to review a couple of items from their new Autumn Winter Range.

For a guy that normally just wears T-shirts and jeans, I was really pleased to see a T shirt in amongst the items!!

FYB Reviews... Raging Bull's Autumn/Winter Range!

The T-shirt is a Forest green, with the slogan in blue! (That was easy!) On this bottle green with blue writing, right in the middle has the word Grassroots. Grassroots is everything Fill Your Boots is about and this pleases me to see that an iconic figure such as Phil Vickery (who created the Raging Bull brand) wanted to emblazon an item with that message. As I said before, I am a t-shirt and jeans bloke, all day every day, so for me it is so easy to enjoy wearing this t shirt.

FYB Reviews... Raging Bull's Autumn/Winter Range!

As some of you may know, I have just started a new career. I have gone from fitting tyres in the cold and the wet, now into the big bad world of digital marketing! Luckily enough, the office isn’t too formal which is great. However, I know that there are going to be some occasions where I will have to smarten myself up and wear a shirt to a meeting!

FYB Reviews... Raging Bull's Autumn/Winter Range!

For that reason, a Formal Shirt and a very nice Cashmere jumper were included in this review package (It’s almost like they knew!). The Shirt is very smart, it is navy in colour with 3 vertical stripes. You could wear this shirt at any occasion, work meetings, with a jacket or with a nice navy Cashmere jumper… which is what I have done.  Who doesn’t love a knitted jumper? Especially with winter about to set in, this is going to be a useful addition to my wardrobe. I have to say; the combination of the shirt and the jumper does look really good! Perhaps the days of the t shirt and jeans are over for me!

I am a big guy so Raging Bull’s Big and Tall range is perfect for me. Sometimes T shirts or Shirts are just a bit too short so these, especially the Shirt have a great tuckable length! The 3 items are from that range and I highly recommend for anyone who is a big guy such as myself.

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