To develop an understanding of how to create a healthier, more inclusive club coaches, players and parent should be able to recognise the main signs and symptoms of mental ill health. The Club representatives should be able to provide guidance towards professional help.

Tips for Building a healthy club environment

  • Treat people as individuals; ask what they need
  • Provide training, especially to coaches and leaders to help identify risk, if you have the budget get some officially recognized training
  • Recognize and model good behaviours
  • Improve the physical environment (temperature, showers, toilets, club house)
  • Actively promote well-being and partnerships
  • Engage and involve people at all club levels
  • Identify local sources of support and create a support network for wellbeing champions
  • Include families not just the playing members


frame of reference


Coaching and leaders have changed no longer are they disciplinarians who only concentrate on the top 5% . Listen skills and vulnerability are the keys to modern leadership.

How to listen

  • Accept the person as they are
  • No moral judgement
  • Be genuine and empathic
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Give little prompts, nods and sound of
  • Check your understanding ‘ so you’re saying that….
  • Be attentive
  • Find the right location
  • Find the right time
  • Don’t try to fix
  • Silence is OK
  • Understand your window on the world so you accept the window others look through, find the similarities and celebrate and educate yourself on the differences you have

Check your club’s behaviour

  • Who oversees calling players that have not turned up for training without warning?
  • When someone drops out of a match on a Friday night do the coaches bitch and moan because they need to find a replacement or do, they contact the player and ask ‘Are you ok?’
  • Is there a person that stays late at every training match or social? Why?
  • Is there someone who’s behaviour has changed?
  • Research and Understand the barriers that stop people joining, are there barriers based on finance, culture, race, sexuality. Do not blindly say ‘we are inclusive’ and look to be actively inclusive.
  • What does your off season look like?
  • Do you extend your facilities only to players or to families and local communities?

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